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Convene a Case Now

The fee for convening two parties is $390 per party. Any party may start the process by paying one half of the fee ($195) at the beginning, with the remainder paid only if the other party agrees to participate. At the request of the initiating party, the Two-Track Convener will contact all other parties to invite their participation and answer questions.  Fees are non-refundable.

Convening fee covers:

  • Our contacting the other side(s) to explain the process, invite participation, answer questions;
  • Referral to list of available Track 1 attorneys for this case, if needed;
  • Assistance in scheduling meetings and facilitating administration of Track 1 negotiations; and,
  • Evaluation and confidential report upon completion of the process.

Training (CLE)

We provide two types of training to support attorneys interested in using the Two-Track model:

  • Advanced Negotiation Training: One day skills course. See below for the Table of Contents from prior CLE course offered in cooperation with the University of Maryland School of Law.
  • “Just in Time” Training for individual cases. As part of Convening, one of our attorneys will answer questions about the model, use of Procedures Manual, and application to your case.
To discuss developing a training plan for your organization, please contact us

Systems Integration

Are any of the following true for your organization?

  • We have a backlog of cases that “need to settle”.
  • We have one or more cases where monthly legal expenses are out of control.
  • We are interested in testing an innovative approach on one or more new cases.

If the answer is Yes, our consulting team can help you test the Two-Track model and then integrate the model into ongoing procedures in order to achieve maximum savings in time and money.

Step 1: Start with a Test.

  • We begin with a Prove It! Test.
  • You identify a set of test cases: some currently in litigation, and others anticipated
  • We design a simulation or pilot test of the Two-Track model applied to your cases.
  • We provide an evaluation for you to use with decision makers.

Step 2: Integration Blueprint.

  • Under a confidentiality agreement we work with your internal team (e.g., law department, claims, risk management).
  • Together we analyze loss runs and ongoing procedures.
  • We provide a written report on potential savings and how to integrate Two-Track into current operations.

Step 3: Enrollment with Convening and Support.

  • We enroll your company and provide ongoing convening of cases when requested to do so.
  • This includes contacting adversaries, presenting the new approach, linking them to potential Track 1 attorneys.
  • We provide quarterly reports that can be used to link documented savings to insurance and risk management decisions.
  • Annual upgrades, continuing education, and support are included as a part of enrollment.

To create a plan for your organization, please contact us.