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Save time and money in dispute resolution
by using dedicated Negotiating Attorneys to close cases.

Welcome to Two-Track©

We help plaintiffs and defendants save time and money in resolving legal disputes by using a dedicated “Negotiation Track” that can run alongside Litigation, or replace it altogether.

Our service is based on the fact that 98% of all lawsuits settle without trial (typically on the courthouse steps), yet after the parties have incurred the significant expense of trial preparation.

The Two-Track method moves the settlement options “upstream”, thereby saving time, money, and in some cases, business relationships.

Whether your case is already in litigation, or not yet in the hands of attorneys, we provide one stop shopping to help you achieve the benefits of Two-Track:

  • FREE Procedures Manual for attorneys
  • Convening and case administration
  • Advanced Negotiation and “Just in Time” Training
  • Consultation on Systems Integration

To learn more, click Details or Convene One or More Cases Now.