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FREE Procedures Manual

To encourage attorneys to explore application of the Two-Track model to current and upcoming cases, we provide the Two-Track Procedures Manual FREE of charge in exchange for attorney feedback on use of the use of the Two-Track model to individual area(s) of practice.

The Procedures Manual is an attorney work product that includes forms that can be customized to meet the requirements of plaintiffs’ and defense counsel.  Forms include:

  • Sample Agreements [To Begin a Track 1 Process]
  • Form 1: Track 1 Counsel Engagement Letter
  • Form 2: Track 1 Participation Agreement
  • Sample Guidelines [To Use Within a Track 1 Process]
  • Form 3: Track 1 Negotiation Guide
  • Form 4: Track 2 Transition Checklist
  • Form 5: Track 1 Opposing Counsel Fee Guidelines
  • Form 6: Issue Resolution Clause
  • Sample Contract Clause [For Possible Inclusion in a Settlement Agreement or Other Contract]

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