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You can purchase Tools, Training, and Help (Consultation, Convening of Cases) to support implementation of the Preferred Path at work, home, and in other settings.

  • Tools: 25 Tools and 36 Navigation Tips for real time application of the Preferred Path
    • One-time fee $25.95 for the online version, $25.95 for the spiral bound Handbook version, or $39.95 for both.


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Convening Services

We offer convening services to bring parties together for a collaborative process.

Per party fee includes confidential telephone contact with key parties, scheduling, assistance in selecting facilitator/mediator, follow up and evaluation.

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Training: e-learning and onsite classroom versions.

We offer training and classes in both online and in-classroom formats.

    • Blue LionMAP Training  (aka Complaint Handling 101)
    • Blue LionNegotiation Skills Professional Certificate Training
    • Blue LionMediation Skills Professional Certificate Training
    • Blue LionDispute Systems Design Training
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We provide consultation on cases and for integration of these tools into organizational procedures.

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