Systems Integration

Are any of the following true for your organization?

  • We have a backlog of cases that “need to settle”.
  • We have one or more cases where monthly legal expenses are out of control.
  • We are interested in testing an innovative approach on one or more new cases.

If the answer is Yes, our consulting team can help you test the Two-Track model and then integrate the model into ongoing procedures in order to achieve maximum savings in time and money.

Step 1: Start with a Test.

  • We begin with a Prove It! Test.
  • You identify a set of test cases: some currently in litigation, and others anticipated
  • We design a simulation or pilot test of the Two-Track model applied to your cases.
  • We provide an evaluation for you to use with decision makers.

Step 2: Integration Blueprint.

  • Under a confidentiality agreement we work with your internal team (e.g., law department, claims, risk management).
  • Together we analyze loss runs and ongoing procedures.
  • We provide a written report on potential savings and how to integrate Two-Track into current operations.

Step 3: Enrollment with Convening and Support.

  • We enroll your company and provide ongoing convening of cases when requested to do so.
  • This includes contacting adversaries, presenting the new approach, linking them to potential Track 1 attorneys.
  • We provide quarterly reports that can be used to link documented savings to insurance and risk management decisions.
  • Annual upgrades, continuing education, and support are included as a part of enrollment.

To create a plan for your organization, please contact us.

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